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DDEPFL50w0118013LED   Explosion-Proof Flood Light Send us a message


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introduction & parameter



CategoryFlood Lights
Luminous Efficiency100Lm /W
Color Temperature3000-6500k
Power Factor>0.95
Power -Supply Efficiency90%
Power Frequency50-60Hz
Working Temperature


light source temperature≤65℃
IP Grade


Product Dimensions(mm)




1. Range of application : Petroleum, chemical, coal, mining, offshore platforms, electric power, metallurgy, steel, railway, highway, tunnel, station, wharf, Marine, military, aerospace, public security fire control, civil air defense project, the construction site, industrial and mining enterprises, sports venues, large stores, underground parking, and other industries, and flammable and explosive placeS

2. Product adopts excellent explosion-proof structure design, Flameproof protection way. Products can be in the safe use of all kinds of inflammable and explosive places. Enclosure protection grade reaches IP65, waterproof properties is good, can resist the surge of shock waves.

3.Integral structure design, portable, impact resistant performance is good, can work stable and reliable in vibration environment. Accurate light distribution design, combined with lens for high purity aluminum reflector, the large range flood lighting. Optimization of form a complete set of electrical system design, make lamps and lanterns of the electrical efficiency is as high as 90%, the power factor is 0.9.

4. High light efficiency, long life, not only effectively improve work efficiency, and reduces the amount of product maintenance. Monolithic structure, can adjust the lighting Angle, with a special bulb cover maintenance, easy installation and maintenance. Advanced shell anticorrosion coating, corrosion level WF2, ensure lamps and lanterns in harsh environments, such as salt fog corrosion.



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