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DDBJQ4100A   Portable Strong Working Light Send us a message


Product pictures



introduction & parameter


Specifications :

Name of Parameter 


Rated Voltage


Rated Volumn 


Rated Power(LED)


LED Average Service Time  


Continuous Discharging Time  

4100:10h(Strong Light )/20h(Working Light)
4100A:5h(Strong Light)/10h(Working Light)

Charging Time


Battery Life 






IP Grade 


Features :

1.Application places: low column used in railway inspection work, works XunDao, vehicle maintenance, shipping and other transportation industry, special industry as a warning signal instructions, security; Suitable for all kinds of the workplace as a mobile lighting. When applied to metallurgy, factory electricity, electricity network industries such as inspection, equipment maintenance, etc.

2.Work light, bright light, two kinds of optical design, at the press of a button can be freely convertible. Long working hours, work light and light continuous working time in 10 hours, more than 20 hours. Low to IP66 protection grade, ensure lamps and lanterns is reliable to use in all kinds of bad conditions. Shell adopts imported bulletproof glue materials, high strength, impact resistant performance is good. The light source adopts solid free maintenance LED, lifetime of 100000 hours. Lamps and lanterns of light weight, can be hand-held, hanging, card buckle with a variety of ways, both magnetic adsorption, easy to use. Low human power indicator and low voltage warning function design, may at any time to detect battery; When the battery is low, the lamps and lanterns will automatically prompt recharged. Big space to handle and button design, while in winter wear thick gloves can convenient carrying and operating lamps and lanterns. Low cold white, warm white two different color temperature of light source, the user can choose according to actual needs.



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