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DDBJQ5120   Solid state lithium electric explosion-proof work light Send us a message


Product pictures



introduction & parameter



Name of Parameter


Rated Voltage 


Rated Volumn 




LED Average Service Time  


Electric Current

300mA(Main light source ) / 105mA(Deputy light source)

Continuous Discharging Time

14h(Main light source)/38h(Deputy light source)

Charging Time


Battery Life 



96×88×33mm(Lenth ×Width ×Height)



IP Grade 


 Features :

1. Application places: low is suitable for coal mine, railway, electric power, public security, oilfield, petrochemical, metallurgy, military, gas maintenance, industrial and mining enterprises and the needs of the various fieldwork etc. Which can be used safely in flammable and explosive place.

2.Structure features: low flameproof explosion-proof highest grade, and can work safely under explosive and inflamable conditions. USES the international most advanced polymer lithium battery, large capacity, long life, health, environmental protection. Low light use special high brightness LED light source, main, auxiliary illuminant constant current drive, good light efficiency, high sex to penetrate the fog. Low intelligent charger adopts imported dedicated li-ion battery management chip, charging quickly, high efficiency. Constant pressure model of the current limiting low choose charging controller, make the work light can be directly installed in all kinds of miner's lamp charging rack, do not need to change the existing charging rack, only simple electric reform. Easy to use and handy. Easy to carry, can be portable, waist ku, cap palin and magnetic adsorption to carry a variety of ways.




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