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introduction & parameter


Portable lighting generator systemPortable lighting generator systemPortable lighting generator systemPortable lighting generator systemPortable lighting generator systemPortable lighting generator system



Name of Paremeters


Generator rated output voltage


Maximum output power of generators      


Generator rated output power


Dc generator output


Light Source Power


continuous working hours


Lift range of lamps 


Lighting Distance(Min 1lx)





1. The product adopts high technology as a new type generator power, effectively solved the previous lighting too bulky, inconvenient transportation problem: using the lamps and lanterns of compact and reliable lift system, make products to use, storage and transportation more convenient. As the replacement of the generator system is widely used in railway, electric power, public security, military and other industries between large area, remote, rescue or construction work for a long time.

2. Using digital inverter gasoline generating set, stable performance, light and easy to carry;  The new electronic ballast, small volume, light weight;  The gas lighting source, long life, high light efficiency, lighting distance is far;The lamps and lanterns of lifting system  can be arbitrarily move from the scope of 1.45 ~ 2.8 m; Can be folded, easy to handle and storage; A walking road wheel locking mechanism, can be easily various environmental fixed;  Lamps and lanterns of waterproof performance is good, can work in rainy day.

Instructions :

1. The illumination device at the bottom of the cart is equipped with four road wheel, used in the ground. Homework, walk road wheel can be locked to prevent movement, Approach is to turn the two locking clamp handle down. Turn up the locking clamp handle, walking road wheel can resume rotation. Lower level of the product is installed with two bilateral nylon wheel, can easily move on the railway rail.

2.Lamp support is composed of three telescopic pipe and a girder, installed on the movable carts, up to 2.8 m. Beam is equipped with two cast light lamps and lanterns, through the plug connected to the ballast and the power supply. Unscrew the two locking respectively on the set of star handle, pull the expansion pipe, adjust to the need of working height, locking star handle. Connect the power and lamp lights. At the end of the operation, turn off the generator. Then, one hand hold activities among expansion pipe, the other one openhanded lock tight on the set of star handle, make the extension tube slowly back, after being telescopic pipe withdraw entirely, locking star handle, again with the same method to activities on the telescopic tube retracted, and lock the star handle.

3.When transporting and storing the lighting, Make sure the two  telescopic pipes be withdraw entirely, also telescopic pipe can be folded and fixed on the guardrail to reduce the volume, can be easily loaded into a car.  All adjustable telescopic pipe should be retracted before folding, and lock the two star handle, pull out the power plug behind the lamps , unloaded the lamps. When folded, firstly one hand hold the telescopic pipe, another hand pull out expansion pipe fixed pin, then slowly falling down, make the extension tube finally  into the other end of the nylon stand. After folding telescopic pipe, turn up from the guardrail  to the level, fixed up the lamps. If you want to open the expansion pipe, just according to the above steps in reverse order operation. Must pay attention to check whether fixed pin reliably inserted into the pipe to ensure the expansion pipe fixed tightly.

Operating steps :

(1)Seting up lighting, according to the requirements of operation.

(2) Open the expansion pipe and  fixed up, set up the lamps ,connect the power plug.

(3) according to the requirements to adjust the exposure position of lamps to the required height and lock up.

(4) start generator (see the "gasoline generator operation instruction handbook").

 (5) about 1 minutes,  the brightness of lamps  is stable to the normal. At the end of the assignments, shut down the generator.  Falling the lantern support to the lowest position and lock, folding telescopic pipe, loosen the road wheel locking devices.


1. The above magnitude 7 wind or other dangerous conditions when using this device, it is forbidden to raise this device.

2. When using, should ensure that was stable and reliable. Using in railway operation and introduceing on the surface of the rail , must pay attention to abide by the relevant railway safety operation regulations!

3. When the external load connects to generator, it is forbidden to start directly.

4. It is strictly prohibited to operate in the rain, snow and damp environment , should pay attention to the insulation and waterproof job.

5. In the process of use of lamps , the generator shall not be used for other load power supply. 

 6. Make sure the fixtures elevated and firm, when falling , prevent easy moving.

7. Light brightness  will gradually increase, until reach normal brightness. After the lights go out, should be to light up after its cooling, if turning on the power supply immediately , the lamp will automatically light up a few minutes later under the effect of thermal protection function of the electronic ballast , However, it is suggested not to do so.

8. When operating and transportation, should prevent expansion pipe deformation caused by the fall touch to lift.

9. Please read "the operation instruction handbook "carefully before using the generator and work with reference to the operation.



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