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introduction & parameter


High power LED floodlight


CategoryFlood Lights
Luminous Efficiency145Lm /W
Color Temperature2700-7000k
Power Factor>0.95
Power -Supply Efficiency90%
Power Frequency50-60Hz
Working Temperature


light source temperature≤65℃
IP Grade


Product Dimensions(mm)


LED Working VoltageDC30-36V


1.High power LED chips encapsulation 100 w, Constant pressure constant current drive, stable rectification, constant pressure constant current drive power supply, instantaneous start, low voltage safety, reliable.

2.Lamps shell optimal integration of heat dissipation function, novel design , Reflectors surface anodic oxidation, together with the light sources "integration", the high light efficiency.

3.For high pressure die-casting aluminum lamp body, compact structure, strong corrosion resistance, Lamp body sealing with reliable silicon rubber seal, resistance to high temperature over 150 degrees, waterproof and dustproof.

4.Luminous color is rich, have red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors. Applicable to the workshop, workshop, warehouse, highway toll station, gas station, large supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium, tunnels, parking lot, need and other lighting places.


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