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DDDF018   Multi-functional searching flashlight Send us a message


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introduction & parameter



Name of Parameter


Rated Voltage


Rated Capacity


Rated Power


LED Average Service Life


Continous Discharging Time

9h(strong light)/18h(working light)

Charging Time


Battery Life



35×157mm(diameter x lenth)



IP Grade


1.Used in railway, shipping, military, police, and industrial and mining enterprises and various kinds of wild workplace as mobile lighting and signal indication. Low is suitable for all kinds of trouble, fixed point search, accident and emergency relief work.
2.Reflector adopts high-tech surface treatment technology, reflective high efficiency, light lighting distance of lamp can reach more than 100 meters, the visual distance of 5000 meters. Low working light, bright light, blasting flash 3 light, lighting or remote signal indication. Blasting flash except as a positioning signal, at night, 30 meters can momentarily blind, vigilance and personal defense function.
3.Angular shape lamp holder design, can be used as emergency defense tool, for a rainy day. High-energy battery no memory, large capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate, economic and environmental protection. Low internal circuit design of lamps and lanterns has prevent overcharge, discharge and short circuit protection device and the switch prevent wrong operation function.
4.Alloy of hardness as enclosure, ensure it can withstand strong impact; Waterproof and resistance to high and low temperature, high humidity performance is good, can be used in all kinds of bad environment conditions. Low surface depth of antiskid processing, light and beautiful, can be carried in a pocket to carry, the operation is simple and convenient. Low cold white, warm white two different color temperature of light source, the user can choose according to actual needs.


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