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DDDF019   Anti-Explosion Head Lamp Send us a message


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introduction & parameter


Specifications :


Name of Parameter




Rated Voltage




Battery Capacity




LED Source


Rated Power



Electric Current

Strong Light



Working Light


Average Service Time




Continous Discharging Time 

Strong Light



Working Light





Charging Time




Battery Life




Operating Temperture



IP Grade



1.High-energy explosion-proof head lamp adopts imported ultra white LED light source and high-energy rechargeable lithium battery designs from two new technologies. Products can be widely used in railway, electric power, metallurgy and other industries of equipment maintenance, patrol and public security, armed police, public security patrol, adventure travel, etc.

2.With high light transmittance and precision of lens reflection system, light uniform, soft light effect is good, range up to 65 meters. Low security environmental protection: the high-energy lithium-ion batteries, high capacity, non-toxic, non-polluting, life for a 300 - cycle. Battery charge and discharge performance is excellent, with the charge and discharge protection, self-discharge rate is the lowest in the similar products, battery charging at any time without run out at the same time, ensures a higher utilization rate; Convenient and practical: after a full charge above work up to 4 hours. Accord with human body engineering principle, light weight, small volume, rear batteries, and the lamp holder fission, head sending comfortable for a long time.

Users Memu:

1.High-energy explosion-proof headlights as fission type structure, the lamp holder, battery pack, charger, eleusine indica with four parts, including lamp holder can be adjusted between 0 ~ 30 °, rear battery pack. Down to the bottom of the push button switch is located in the lamp shell, according to the switch to control the opening and closing of the light. In the lamp holder and battery box connecting wires, battery box of a charge jack, charging with special configuration of external charger connected to 220 v / 50 hz ac power to the battery. Beef tendon bag sets can easily adjust the tightness, to meet the different needs.

2.Product must be charging more than 8 hours before first use. Whether the previous charging to ensure more than 8 hours have effects on the performance of the battery in the future. Charging must use a dedicated charger, the input voltage of ac 180-240 - v, it is forbidden to use other way. As there is no memory this product USES lithium batteries, battery charging at any time, without out also can charge the battery for a long time, but if not use for more than 7 days, have to disconnect the plug, in order to avoid damage to the battery performance or dangerous. Except for the first time, the product also can use increases with the increasing charge, at any time without full use.

3. Please keep Products in a cool, dry environment, product or battery is forbidden to put in the fire or under high temperature, so as to avoid cracking of the battery or explosion, at risk. Shelved for a long time to recover after use, in accordance with the method of charging for the first time, please ensure continuous charging more than 8 hours, lest affect performance.

4.Although the lens is high strength wear resistant material, but still strong impact lens should avoid sharp objects directly, to avoid damage to the lens, at the same time avoid the lens dirty, lest affect photosynthetic efficiency, such as lens contamination such as dust, fingerprints, please use carefully put on the skin clean, soft cloth.


1. Do not turn the light directly to human eyes .

2.Charging and remove the lamps and lanterns should be carried out in a safe place. Don't remove the battery and parts of lamps and lanterns, otherwise it will affect the function of the head lamp and unsafe accidents may occur.

3.Maintenance should be carried out by professional person when  failure.

4.Store in dry and shade place .


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