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DDDF157FLED   Energy conservation and explosion-proof platform lamps Send us a message


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introduction & parameter


Specifications :

Rated voltage220AC 50Hz
Explosion Proof GradeEXDIIBT5
IP GradeIP65
Fire-Resisting GradeI
Anti-Corrosion GradeWF2


1.Product is suitable for use in flammable and explosive place and petrochemical equipment, pump room, offshore oil platform, oil station terminal and other special places, facilities and shipbuilding industry fixed lighting use.

2. Products to choose the latest green high power white LED solid-state light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, can reach up to 100000 hours, which can realize long-term maintenance free.The uniform product downy light, no glare, avoid workers eye fatigue, improve work efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of incandescent light bulbs, with luminous flux, economic and environmental protection.

3.Product shell adopts light alloy materials and the latest surface treatment technology, abrasion resistance, waterproof and dustproof;Product transparent piece USES imported bulletproof glue materials, high light transmittance, impact resistant performance is good, can make the lamps and lanterns in various harsh environment under normal use.Product installation is convenient, can use a type, wall hung, etc. Various type suction a top installation;Products small size, light weight, easy installation and wiring is simple.



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