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introduction & parameter



Explosiong Proof Grade

Exd II CT6

Rated Voltage

AC(12V、24V、36V、110V、220V) 、DC(12V、24V、36V、110V、220V)

Light Source


Rated Power


IP Grade


Anti-Corrosion Grade


Lead in Cable







Ceiling cassettes;wall mounting type; Seater



1.Apply to oil, chemical industry, ship and other inflammable and explosive places;Applicable to the workshop, plant area, channel, station, station area, such as fixed cabin lighting.

2.LED for solid-state light source, no filament fusing, electrode aging defects,The average life of LED expectancy in 50000 hours, is by far the longest life of the light source, can be long-term use without maintenance;LED by dc low voltage power supply, calorific value is far lower than the traditional electric light sources, and does not produce high-frequency electromagnetic field, electromagnetic interference for peripheral devices do not;LED solid epoxy resin encapsulation, impact resistance, shock resistance, it is not easy and broken;LED emission spectrum in visible band completely, no ultraviolet radiation, no mercury, no heavy metal pollution;No filament broken fuse, glass, flammable and toxic substances leaked environmental hazard.

3.Choosing the latest green high power white LED solid-state light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, life can be up to 100000 hours, it can realize long-term maintenance free, the light is downy evenly, no glare, avoid workers eye fatigue, improve work efficiency. Only 20% of the luminous flux incandescent lamp with power consumption, economic and environmental protection;Shell use of lightweight alloy material and the latest surface treatment technology, abrasion resistance, waterproof and dustproof; Transparent piece USES imported bulletproof glue materials, high light transmittance, impact resistant performance is good, can make the lamps and lanterns in various harsh environment normal work;Using type suction a top, wall hung, seated to install a variety of ways; Small volume, light weight, cable indirectly introduced, easy installation and wiring is simple.


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