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DDDGF103-400   Explosion-proof project-light with Split type, explosion-proof ballast box Send us a message


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Explosion Proof MarkExdIIBT3, ExdIICT3
Rated Voltage/ FrequencyAC220V/50Hz
IP GradeIP55
Anti- Corrosion GradeWF1
Lead in SpecificationG3/4"
Specification of Cable Φ9mm〜Φ14mm
Equipped with light sourcelenth ≤320mm
Self-ballasting mercuty lamp 250W、450W
High Pressure Mercury Lamp 175W,250W,400W
Hi-pressure sodium lamp 175W,250W,400W
Metal halide Lamp 175W,250W,400W,1000w

Features :

1.Apply to 1 zone and 2 zone hazardous area. Apply to the type IIA, IIB, IIC, temperature classes T1 - T4 explosive gas environment.

2.Shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting forming, on the surface of high voltage electrostatic plastic spraying,Toughened glass chimney, stainless steel exposed fasteners, defend the net use galvanized after surface jinsu.

3.The eyelet bolt fastening, can quickly open, easy to install in maintenance;The lamp body can rotate 360 ° horizontally, the elevation at 60 ° ~ + 90 ° is adjustable.

4.Reflector using parabolic shape, high reflectivity, upper beam, the range can be up to 100 m;


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